France allocates 3.5 million Euros to rebuild hospitals in Ethiopia

Ministry of Health in Ethiopia and the French government signed a MoU to expand their collaboration to support health recovery efforts in Ethiopia.

France is also committed to support the rehabilitation of Adwa hospital in Tigray region. The signing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health in Ethiopia, Dr. Lia Tadesse Gebremedhin and Ambassador of France to Ethiopia and to the African Union, Mr. Rémi Marechaux.

Ambassador Maréchaux stated that, “Following a field visit to Afar and Tigray regions in April, and following our support to Dessie referral hospital, I am happy to announce France is committed to support the rehabilitation of Abala and Adwa hospitals which will provide health support to 1,5 million people living in the surrounding areas.

We hope that this reconstruction effort will be a prequel to further involvement from different partners in all areas affected by the conflict. The positive track towards peace and political dialogue must be solidified quickly and I hope this contribution can help foster reconciliation.”

The MoU on Abala’s hospital will strengthen health recovery initiatives in Ethiopia and represents the pursuit of a bilateral project aiming to provide support to ongoing stabilization efforts in the country.

The 2.5M euros project is funded by the Crisis and Support Centre of France’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and implemented by Expertise France, the French public agency for the design and implementation of international technical cooperation projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Afar Regional Health Bureau, and Abala’s Hospital medical staff.

This joint initiative will seek to promote the resumption of essential service provision for conflict-affected communities in Ethiopia.

More specifically, Expertise France will strengthen conflict-affected communities’ access to health care through the rehabilitation and re-equipment of Abala’s hospital.

At the occasion of this signing ceremony, the Ambassador Maréchaux handed over a letter to Dr. Lia Tadesse Gebremedhin to inform France intends to support the re-equipment of Adwa’s public hospital with a 1.5 M euros donation provided by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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