More than 51 investors have pulled out of Ethiopia’s industrial parks

Several foreign investors in Ethiopia’s industrial parks have left due to allegations of corruption.

The Ethiopian Investment Commission presented a nine-month plan performance report to the House of Representatives, which revealed that foreign companies in various production sectors are unhappy with the fees demanded by government institutions.

Members of the council reviewed the report and noted complaints from companies in the Eastern Industrial Park near Dukem City in the Oromia region.

These companies have reportedly been subjected to theft, corruption, and bureaucracy, leading to more than 51 investors leaving the park. The council members also observed a lack of ownership and security in the park.

Also, the members of the council said that, they heard during their field observation that there is no sense of ownership of the park and they are being robbed.

However, more than 51 investors have left because of theft, corruption and bureaucracy in Eastern Industrial Park.

The members of the council said that the investors who left this park have migrated to Uganda and other neighboring countries and to other industrial parks in the country, reporter news paper reported.

Daniel Teresa, Deputy Commissioner of the Investment Commission, on his part, responded that the observation presented by the members of the council is incorrect, saying that no investor has emigrated from the country due to corruption and theft.


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