The Weekend changes his name to Abel Tesfaye

The musician known as “The Weeknd” changed his name to Abel Tesfaye.

The Ethiopian-born musician known as “The Weeknd” has announced that, he has changed his name to Abel Tesfaye.

The Renowned Canadian musician Abel Tefaye was known as “The Weeknd” in many of his works.

However, as of today, he changed his Twitter and Instagram accounts to his normal birth name.

“The current change is the beginning of a broader plan to slowly kill the identity of ‘The Weeknd, ‘” CNN reported.

The musician also stated that, he would deliver his next music album to the listeners under his birth name Abel.

After that, he wrote on his Twitter page that, call me Abel Tefaye, not by “The Weeknd”.

“I have the desire to be born again, leaving my old self,” he added.

Artist Abel is promoting Ethiopian coffee using “Samra Coffee” under his mother’s name.

He explained that, the income he gets from coffee will be sent to those seeking help in Ethiopia through the World Food Program.


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