Flintstone Real Estate offers 10 million shares for sale

Flintstone Homes, one of Ethiopia’s biggest real estate companies, has announced that it will build 10 thousand houses in the next five years.

Flintstone Real Estate, which has been involved in the home building and construction industry for over 30 years, has announced that it will offer 10 million shares to the market.

The founder and manager of Flintstone Real-estate, Engineer Tsedeke Yehune, said that shares worth from 20 thousand birr to 2 million birr were offered for sale.  The manager added that the price of one share is 1 thousand birr.

The sale will start next July and the shareholders can own a house based on the amount of their shares or pay more money according to their needs.

The forum said that the sale of shares was mainly needed to get more capital, to change the company from a five-person partnership to a public property.

In addition, in the next five years, the company plans to build 10,000 houses and provide them to its customers.

The real estate established a new platform that, if the shareholders have doubts about the company, 10 percent of the members can gather and call a general meeting, and for this purpose, the company is developing its own mobile application, Engineer Tsedeke said.

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