Ethiopia denounces Arab league’s statement on GERD

Ministry of foreign affairs said that, States echoed Egyptian hostile rhetoric regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The arab league resolution is an affront to the African Union and its Member States, which are working to bring an amicable negotiated resolution to the GERD matter.

The league runs contrary to the cherished and shared history of the peoples of Africa and the Arab world, the ministry added.

In 2015, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan signed the Agreement on the Declaration of Principles, which unambiguously provides that the construction of the Dam shall continue in parallel to the negotiations on the guidelines and rules on the first filling and operation of the Dam.

‘The details of dam filling, including the yolume and duration, have been agreed upon between the experts of the three countries.

Throughout the process, going out of its way, Ethiopia has catered to the concerns of Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopia is and will continue to act respecting the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization of the of the Nile. Thus, the allegation that Ethiopia has taken unilateral measures is a deliberate waters mischaracterization.

Egypt’s attempts to exert pressure on Ethiopia by using the Arab League forum represent its lack of good faith and violation of the Agreement on the Declaration of Principles it
concluded with Ethiopia and Sudan.

Ethiopia works closely with Sudan on all bilateral matters, including regarding the GERD and Ethiopia commends those Member States of the League of Arab States that cautioned against Egypt’s attempts to escalate the matter.

The ministry underlined that, Ethiopia is confident that members of the League, particularly the Member States of the African Union, will disassociate themselves from this resolution. They should prevent Egypt’s
further misuse of the League that could potentially create a rift in the longstanding African-Arab friendship and historic relations.

Ethiopia calls upon Egypt to abandon its unlawful claim to the monopoly of the Nile River, citing defunct colonial agreements and a colonial-mentality-based position negotiate in good faith and reach a win-win outcome.

Egypt should also act responsibly to lay the foundation for future generations of all
the Nile River basin countries to nurture friendship and cooperation based on mutual respect, the ministry added.


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