Ethiopia rejects human rights watch’s report

Ethiopia rejects human rights watch’s report on human rights violations.

Ethiopia rejected Human Rights Watch’s report of human rights violations in Tigray region.

The government has responded to a recent report by Human Rights Watch, saying that despite the signing of a peace agreement between the federal government and forces of Tigray, the crime of ethnic cleansing continues in the western areas of Tigray, and those who have committed human rights violations have not been held accountable for the atrocities.

In response, the government criticized the report as a baseless report stating that significant human rights violations had been committed in some areas.

The government added that, the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia has exposed many areas to damage, but it is not acceptable because the report has focused on a specific area and repeatedly prepared reports to achieve a different political mission under the guise of human rights agenda.

The content of the report to claim that a violation of rights has been committed is not credible as it has not been properly investigated and is not supported by sufficient evidence.


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