France provides a 146 million birr grant to Ethiopia

The grant aims to support 8opgrant will , through AFD, joins hands with CARE France, Eagate and the EiTEX to develop the production and distribution of menstrual hygiene products in Ethiopia

CARE France and France Development Agency (AFD) signed a groundbreaking grant agreement worth 146 million Birr, that complements a 48 million Birr support to develop a private public dialogue platform through a contract with Eagate.

In Ethiopia, 72% of women and girls report not being able to manage their menstruation and related hygiene with dignity.

The primary objective of this project is to reinforce the menstrual hygiene and health (MHH) sector in Ethiopia. By fostering the development of the MHH value chain in particular the production and distribution to the last mile of MH products by the private sector, it will ensure that girls and women across the country have sustainable access to high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly menstrual hygiene products.

The project is designed to achieve two key goals. Firstly, it seeks to overcome obstacles that hinder the growth of the private sector by establishing a platform for public-private dialogue, with the support of Eagate.

Secondly, it aims to develop a pilot local production of biodegradable top-notch, and cost-effective MH products based on local raw materials, thanks to the contribution of the Ethiopian Institute of Textile (EiTEX) of the University of Bahir Dar.

Simultaneously, the project will work towards developing last mile distribution, reaching even the most remote areas, and supporting private sector growth. CARE France and CARE Ethiopia will develop awareness raising activities and manage the support to the MH pilot production and distribution through support to the private sector.

With a projected engagement of 5 million individuals throughout the project duration, its impact will be far-reaching. AFD is already contributing to MHH improvement with the support of CARE, in Adama. “Through this partnership, AFD, EiTEX, Eagate and CARE are embarking on an effort to revolutionize menstrual hygiene products’ production and distribution and finding solutions to reduce the limitations to the value chain.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this project, small in financial size but which aligns with our strategic vision in the country, develops partnerships between private and public actors and could make a substantial impact on various sustainable development goals,” stated Valérie Tehio, AFD Country Director in Ethiopia. 


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