Ethiopia extends the 4th round of GERD’s filling water

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) water filing will not takes place until September.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, gave an explanation to the House of People’s Representatives raised by the members on several issues.

The Prime Minister said at this time that, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not be filled with water in July.

“Ethiopia will not fill water in the dam until the beginning of September, considering the needs of Sudan and Egypt.”

The Great Renaissance Dam has been holding water from July for the past three years, but this year the water filling period has been moved to September.

According to the Prime Minister, this year’s water filling will be done after sufficient water reaches to Egypt and Sudan.

The 12-year-old construction of the Great Renaissance Dam has generating power through two turbines.

Sudan and Egypt have repeatedly expressed their desire for a binding agreement on the construction of the Renaissance Dam.

On the hand PM Abiy said that, various foreign countries have shown interest in employing two million Ethiopians.

According to the needs of the countries, the Prime Minister said that the employment contract agreement is being signed and announced that efforts will continue to send more citizens to foreign countries.

Ethiopia has signed work agreements with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and other countries through the Ministry of Labor and Skills this year alone.

The Prime Minister said that 3.1 million people have been employed in the last 11 months.

More than 100,000 Ethiopians have been sent to foreign countries through foreign work agreements.


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