Telebirr annual transaction surpasses to 680 billion birr

The CEO of Ethio Telecom, Ferehiwot Tamiru, made a statement regarding the performance of the 2023 fiscal year.

The CEO said that, Ethio Telecom earned a total income of 76 billion birr in the last financial year.

The executive added that, 44 percent of the total revenue was obtained from voice packages and 23 percent from internet services.

The institution has received $164 million from foreign exchange services.

Ferehiwot added that, adding the number of cities that have received 4G telecom services has also increased to 164.

The total number of Ethio Telecom customers has reached 72 million, of which 34.3 million are Telebirr customers.

The CEO also mentioned that, the amount of transaction done by Telebirr is 679.2 billion birr.

75 percent of the buildings in Addis Ababa are connected to the 5G network, the CEO added.

Ethio Telecom paid a loan of 4.2 billion birr and 21 billion birr in taxes to the government.


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