Tigray Region suspends more than 200 policemen

Tigray interim administration Police commission suspended more than 200 police officers due to collaboration with enemies.

Some policemen told Ethio Negari that, the new administration said to them that, you’re receiving salaries from the Prosperity Party and that they did not join the armed struggle.

These complainants told us that the former members of the Tigray police, who had been assigned to different areas of Tigray for 30 years, were deprived of their jobs and salaries.

According to the police, when ENDF took control of Tigray in 2019, they said that you worked together with the interim administration and received government salaries.

In 2019, in a letter signed by Dr. Debretsion, the House of Representatives declared that it had canceled the existing police officer and established a new one, and it had caused them a lot of trouble.

The policwmen have repeatedly complained to the regional police commission, but the response they received was had been disbanded.

Mr. Tshaye Embaye, coordinator of the Tigray Branch of at Ethiopian Public Ombudsman Institute, and told us that the policemen were given a letter from the commission.

Mr Tsegaye added that, they will start an investigation after seeing the response from the interim administration as the institution has to go according to the procedure.

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