Internet access shut down in Ethiopia’s Amhara region

Heavy fighting erupted between the National Defense Army and Fano militants in several cities in the Amhara region.

We have confirmed from the residents that internet service has been interrupted in the Amhara region following the start of fighting between the two parties.

Neither Ethio Telecom nor the governmental institutions have anything yet as to why the internet was cut off in the region.

Ethiopia has recently banned Telegram and the app is working with a VPN except in Amhara region.

Following the escalation of the ongoing war in the Amhara region, Ethiopian Airlines has canceled flights to Lalibela and Gondar cities

The embassies of Spain, Poland and many other countries are urging their citizens not to travel to the Amhara region.

Following the division in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, some social media has banned for five months.

Accordingly, people have been using VPN (virtual private network) to access social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube and others.

NetBlocks, a technology institute, has announced that Ethiopia has lost eight billion birr in revenue due to a ban on certain social networking sites for five months.

Many local and international human rights institutions, including the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, have been urging the government to lift restrictions on the Internet.


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