Ethiopian Airlines cancels its flight to Lalibela and Gondar

Fighting is going on between the National Defense Army and Fano militants in several cities of Amhara region.

It has been weeks since fighting started between the National Defense Army and Fano militants in different areas of the Amhara region, and innocent people are being injured, said Christian Tadele, a member of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Christian added that, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has opened fire on people in various places in the Amhara region.

The conflict erupted since the federal government disbanded regional special police, and the former members of the special forces and Fano militants are fighting with the national defense army.

The spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, Colonel Getnet Adane, said that following the Fano militants gradually taking control of districts and cities, action has been taken against the militants.

Following this, the roads from Amhara region to Addis Ababa are closed at Debremarkos and Gonber.

Following the conflicts, Ethiopian Airlines has also canceled its daily flights to Lalibela and Gondar cities.

Eyewitnesses said that heavy fighting has been going on in different areas of Gondar, Lalibela, Gojam, Shewarobit and North Wolo areas since last monday.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonon said that the security situation in the Amhara region is serious.

Mr. Demeke added that, the dispute can be resolved through discussion and negotiation and urged the elders and religious leaders to pay attention to the issue.

The president of the Amhara region, Yilkal Kefale, also said that a devastating conflict has occurred in the Amhara region and the region is ready for peace talks.

Mr. Yilkal has called on all parties to put down their weapons and come to a discussion, and urged the people to support law enforcement by the National Defense Force.


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