Ethiopian Airlines suspends all flights to Amhara cities

The airline announced on its website that, it has canceled flights to Dessie, Gondar, Bahirdar and Lalibela.

The Airlines explained that the canceled flights were scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

The passengers who bought a ticket to travel to the place know that their ticket is valid for one year and you can change it any day in the future without extra charge, Ethiopian said its statement.

Or if the passenger wants to get their money, its possible to get a refund for those customers.

However, the airline did not explain why it canceled the flights and it was speculated that it might be because of the ongoing war in the Amhara region.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Ethiopian canceled its flights to Gonder, Lalibela and Dessie cities.

Ethiopian Council of Ministers declared a six-month state of emergency due to the security crisis in the Amhara region.

Following the worsening of the security situation in Amhara, the region’s president officially requested the federal government intervention.

There are heavy fighting in many parts of Amhara region between the National Defense Army and Fano militants.

The fighting is worsening in Debrebirhan 160 km from Ethiopia’s capita Addis Ababa, Bahirdar Amhara regional state capital and and Gonder.

Since July 31, the internet service was shotdown in all parts of Amhara region following the start of fighting between the two parties.


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