Ethiopia issues first private aircraft maintenance license

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has issued a private aircraft maintenance license for the first time.

The authority gave its first aircraft maintenance license to One M.R.O.

The private aircraft maintenance institution was established in 2013 and is in operation in other African countries.

The authority gave the license to this organization based on five international standards set by the office.

The maintenance license granted to the facility will enable it to repair Boeing 737 Classic and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.

One M.R.O. Quality Assurance and Safety Manager Mr. Andualem Selshi said that his company is currently providing services to private operators in West Africa based in Nigeria.

He added that his company will also build a maintenance centre in Ethiopia to solve the major aircraft maintenance problems faced by private airlines.

He added, “I believe that the government will support us for future investments in Ethiopia.”

Currently, there are 12 private airlines with renewed licenses in Ethiopia, and facing maintenance problems used to send their planes abroad to Kenya and European countries to repair them.

Ethiopian Airlines Group is organizing private airlines to solve the problem of maintenance centers that private operators are facing and is facilitating the way for them to carry out repairs here.


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