Ethiopian boycotts Rema’s New year eve music concert

Artists and sponsors canceled Ethiopia’s New Year Eve music concerts

Ethiopia will celebrate the 2016 New Year in five days and music concerts are organized on the eve of the new year.

Sheraton luxury hotel is one of the music parties organizer on New Year’s Eve in Addis Ababa.

Advertisements are being broadcast in the media that foreign and Ethiopian musicians will perform at this music concert.

Nigerian Afro bit star, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, and lij Michael, Kuku Sebsibie and other local musicians are about to perform at this New Year’s concert.

However, many Ethiopian are boycotting the concert because of Rema’s act and belief with Christianity.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church urged its followers to not attend this concert.

The church announced that musician Rema has insulted the Christian faith before and called to boycott the concert.

Coca-Cola, which was the sponsor of this concert, has announced that it has withdrawn from the sponsorship without further explanation.

Ethiopian renowned musician Kuku Sebsibie, who was supposed to perform her music at the concert, said that, she will not perform her music following the call of the church.

Meanwhile, another Ethiopian greatest musician Niway Debebe, who was supposed to perform at another New Year’s concert, said that “how would I perform on stage while my country is in trouble”, he said.

In Ethiopia, especially in the Amhara region, a fierce battle is taking place between the National Defense Army and Fano militants.

Innocent citizens are being killed every day in this war, and residents told us that a few days ago, at least 37 people were killed in their homes by members of the National Defense Force in Majete town of North Showa Zone.


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