Saudi Arabia Executes Two Soldiers by Treason

Saudi Defense Ministry announces the execution of two of its employees on charges of “treason”

The Saudi Ministry of Defense announced the execution of two of its employees, who were convicted of military “treason.”

The official Saudi News Agency quoted the ministry as saying, “Both Lieutenant Colonel Majid bin Musa Awad Al-Balawi and Chief Sergeant Yousef bin Reda Hassan Al-Azouni, employees of the ministry in their military capacity, committed several major military felonies.”

The Ministry explained that “by arresting them and investigating them, the investigation with the first resulted in his conviction for committing the crime of war treason and for failing to protect the interests of the nation and the honour of military service.”

The investigation with the second resulted in “convicting him of committing the crimes of treason in its three forms (high, patriotic, and military) and not preserving the interests of the nation and the honour of military service.”

The agency stated that the two were referred to the competent court and provided with all guaranteed judicial guarantees.

According to the agency, “the two defendants confessed to what was attributed to them,” noting that “two judgments were issued against them proving their guilt for what was charged against them and sentencing them to death by the legal and regulatory requirements.”

The death sentence was carried out against the aforementioned people, today, Thursday, in the Taif region command


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