Ethiopia gives Babile Elephant Sanctuary land to investors

Ethiopian Wildlife Protection Authority has stated that more than 200 hectares of the Babile Elephant Sanctuary’s forest have been destroyed. 

The park is located in the eastern parts of Ethiopia and a home to more than 300 elephants and other wild animals.

Dr. Adane Tsagaye, Chief Executive Officer of the National Parks Administration at the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority said that the Babile Elephant Sanctuary’s land was given to agricultural investment in the eastern Hararghe zone and the park is being farmed, the elephants in the park are at risk.

The Babile Elephant Sanctuary is located on the border of the Somali and Oromia regions, and “the part of the park on the Oromia region side is still under cultivation because it has been given over to investment,” he said.

The land of the park was given for investment in a way that the Ethiopian Wildlife Protection Authority, which is responsible for protecting and managing the parks, did not know.

“As soon as we heard about the matter, we went to the place last August and what we saw was very sad,” he told Addis Maleda.

He added, “The elephant sanctuary is suffering serious damage. Many agricultural machines are entering the area and ploughing it. I cannot tell you the part of the park that is being destroyed every day.”

“East Hararghe Zone administration has abandoned its responsibility to protect the park and has given land from the park to investors for agricultural investment without our approval and permission” he added.

Although the Ethiopian Wildlife Development and Protection Authority has asked the concerned party to discuss and make a decision with the Deputy Administrator of East Hararghe Zone, the damage being done to the park should be stopped.  “We will not stop for a second,” they said.

Babile Elephant Sanctuary Park was registered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is home to more than three hundred elephants and various wild animals.


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