EBG Unveils FAW Duty Trucks Imported For Ethiopian Market

Equatorial Business Group (EBG) announces that duty trucks import Chinese-made small, medium, and heavy trucks to the Ethiopian market.

In 2021 EBG acquired the distribution rights for FAW (First Automotive Works) brand for Ethiopia.

EBG has sought to expand its product and brand offering in Ethiopia through the
introduction of FAW’s wide automotive product range, which encompasses passenger vehicles to all sizes of trucks and heavy-duty trucks.

EBG is launching the FAW Brand and truck range in Ethiopia, bringing the World’s
global leading sales truck brand to Ethiopian customers.

FAW is a global Brand with a rich
history in the automotive industry dating back to 1956 when they produced their first truck in China.

FAW became number 1 in truck sales globally in 2021 through its sales of more than 3.5 million
1 truck worldwide.

Its quality and technology are world-class, offering a wide range of truck sizes and configurations.

The Ethiopian importing company is working together with Chinese companies to meet Ethiopian businessmen’s interests.

FAW Truck range is made up of Freight carriers, Truck Tractors, Dump trucks, and mixers.

FAW Trucks offers solutions for every industry. They provide effective and efficient solutions for
business owners.

FAW trucks provide great fuel economy to aid the total cost of operation and EBG can provide the required aftersales support for FAW trucks in Addis Ababa and will soon be able to do the same in Hawassa.

Parts distribution from our Addis Ababa Central parts distribution center will ensure minimal downtime and speedy servicing of FAW trucks in Ethiopia.

EBG will in in time expand our aftersales footprint to enable wider reach for customers to access aftersales support across the country

Equatorial Business Group (EBG) is a trading business, trading in the Automotive and pharmaceutical sectors of the economy since 1993 mainly as distributors of global brands in Ethiopia.

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