Four million children are out of schooling in Amhara region

According to the Amhara regional education office, four million students have not yet registered in the current school year.

The Amhara Region Education Office has stated that of the 6.2 million students expected to register for the current academic year, only 2.3 million students have registered until Monday, September 17/2023.

 Head of Public Relations of the Amhara Regional Education Bureau, Getachew Biazen said that 2.3 million students have registered for the current school year from August.

He mentioned that due to the security situation in the region, there are places where registration has not been done.  “We are discussing when registration should be done in areas with security problems.”

He also pointed out that 7.4 million textbooks have been printed in the region for the current 2023 school year and distribution to educational institutions is underway.

He stated that the current school year will start in the region next week.  However, out of the 6.2 million students who were to be registered, about 3.9 million students have not yet registered.

The mentioned number of students includes those from preschool to 12th grade. Only 37 percent of the students have registered so far, although there are no more than four days left until the end of the registration day.

The failure of students to register on time is related to the crisis in the region.

There has been a security crisis in the Amhara region since last April, and a state of emergency has been declared for six months.

Since last July, the internet was shut down in the region and many areas are out of government control, but fierce fighting is still going on between Fano militants and government security forces.


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