Raxio Technology company unveils data center in Ethiopia

The US-based Roxio data center opened the second data center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and it’s in Africa next to Uganda.

Raxio Group, an independent data center in Africa, has launched its second data center in Ethiopia with an investment of $30 million.

The company has opened its data center in ICT Park in Addis Ababa and making the data flow completely domestic, will help to reduce the expenses of the users of the service for the Internet.

The new level III data center opened in Ethiopia has 800 racks and up to 3MW of IT power.

Founded in 2018, Raxio has opened its first data center in Africa in Uganda.

The company launched its second data center in Ethiopia today and plans to expand data centers in Democratic Congo, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Angola by next year.

Roxio, which operates in Africa as its main focus, will work to accelerate the operations of digitalization in Africa in particular.

The company announced that it is working with African technology companies such as Roha Group, Meridiam, Future Tech, and Master Power Technology.

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