Ethiopian Catholic Church Rejects Pope Francis’s Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

The Ethiopian Catholic Church has firmly declared its stance against the approval of same-sex marriage and the blessing of such unions.

This response comes in the wake of Pope Francis granting permission for priests to bless same-sex couples, a decision that has sparked reactions globally, including in Ethiopia.

Pope Francis, through the Roman Catholic Church, granted priests the authority to give blessings to same-sex couples, albeit under specific circumstances considered “unusual” by church authorities.

However, the Vatican clarified that such blessings are not part of the standard ceremonies conducted by the Church, emphasizing that marriage, in its traditional understanding, remains a sacred bond between a man and a woman.

In a recent statement issued by the General Office of the Bishops’ Conference of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, the Archbishop’s message conveyed a different perspective.

The Ethiopian Catholic Church asserted that the new Vatican directive document, while discussed by the bishops’ conference, does not introduce any canonical changes to the Church’s established belief in the sacred marriage union between one woman and one man.

The Ethiopian Catholic Church made it explicit that the document does not aim to recognize or bless same-sex unions as marital partnerships.

Emphasizing the Church’s position, the statement asserted, “The Catholic Church does not condone same-sex marriage in any form; it unequivocally upholds marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”

The church clarified that it neither blesses nor condemns sins but affirmed that it does not extend blessings to any sexual relations outside the framework of canonical marriage.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Catholic Church underscored that same-sex unions are incompatible with Ethiopian culture and values, and thus, they will not be accepted. This assertion aligns with the Church’s commitment to preserving the cultural fabric and societal values of Ethiopia.

While Pope Francis’s decision has garnered both support and opposition worldwide, the Ukrainian Catholic Church has publicly stated its disagreement with the Vatican’s decision to bless same-sex couples. Conversely, the news from the Vatican has been viewed as a significant step forward by advocates of same-sex relationships.

Notably, in last August, Ethiopia took measures to close down same-sex entertainment venues in Addis Ababa and placed legal restrictions on entertainment owners and individuals associated with such establishments, demonstrating the nation’s ongoing challenges in reconciling differing cultural and societal perspectives on same-sex relationships.


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