Ovid Group Hands Over New Apartments to Ethiopian Army Foundation

  • Army Foundation, Ovid Group, and Federal Housing Corporation: A Milestone in Housing Development
  • Partners in Progress: Ovid Group, Army Foundation, and Federal Housing Corporation
  • Collaborative Vision: Army Foundation, Ovid Group, and Federal Housing Corporation Lead Urban Innovation

In a landmark collaboration, the Ovid Group and the Army Foundation proudly announce the successful completion and ceremonial handover of a major housing project at Koye Feche in Addis Ababa.

This significant development, positioned on a 16-hectare site equipped with cutting-edge residential facilities, signifies a new era in providing high-quality housing for Ethiopia’s defense community.

Located in the strategic area of Koye Feche, this ambitious project features seven sophisticated buildings, including four G+7 and three G+9 structures, totaling 248 units.

The apartments are thoughtfully designed to meet diverse needs, offering 120 three-bedroom and 128 four-bedroom units. This blend of housing options ensures comfortable living spaces for various family sizes.

The development includes comprehensive internal roads and lush green spaces, designed specifically for residential purposes, emphasizing a high standard of living.

The integration of these features not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also promotes a sense of community and well-being among residents.

The Army Foundation project, which saw an investment of 1.7 billion birr and was consulted by the Federal Housing Corporation, highlights Ovid Group’s exceptional capabilities in executing substantial initiatives that elevate urban living standards.

This project showcases the group’s commitment to quality and innovation in housing development.

Initiated on September 27, 2023, the project was completed ahead of schedule, culminating in a grand handover ceremony on May 11, 2024.

The ceremony celebrated the strong partnership between Ovid Group and the Army Foundation, marking a significant achievement in their collaborative efforts to provide superior housing solutions.

Mr. Yonas Tadesse, Chairman and Group CEO of Ovid Group, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s outcome: “Partnering with the Army Foundation enabled us to deliver a housing solution that exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation in urban development. We are thrilled to mark the completion of this project, which provides a superior living environment for our nation’s heroes.”

The handover ceremony was not just a celebration of the project’s completion but also a testament to the effective collaboration between Ovid Group and the Army Foundation.

The event highlighted the project’s substantial contributions to the community and the combined efforts that brought this vision to fruition.

It underscored the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving large-scale urban development goals.

Ovid Group stands at the forefront of real estate development, specializing in creating innovative and sustainable environments that enhance urban life.

The Group focus on architectural integrity, environmental sustainability, and smart technology integration ensures that we deliver more than just buildings; we establish dynamic communities.

Each Ovid Group development is thoughtfully designed to promote well-being, foster creativity, and offer a sense of connection.

These spaces are ideal for modern living, working, and recreation, making them vibrant parts of urban landscapes.

Its mission is to make cities more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for all, leveraging our industry expertise and partnerships to bring visionary projects to life, the company said.

By continually pushing the boundaries of urban development, Ovid Group aims to set new standards in the real estate sector, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders and the communities to serve.

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