The Guideline for the New Undergraduates Exit Exams Has Come into Effect

In February, the Ministry of Education announced the implementation of exit exams for all undergraduate students, beginning with the 2022/2023 academic year, in order to improve the quality of graduates produced by both public and private universities. 

The directive to guide this process was issued by the Ministry under proclamation 1152/2011 article 95 and 1263/2014 article 34 and entered into force on July 8, 2022.

Here are some highlighted points:

  • Minimum pass mark will be 50% (a higher pass mark may be set for some fields);
  • Exam will consist of both written and practical questions. In the short-run, practical questions may not be part of the exam;
  • Assistant professorship is the minimum rank required to prepare the exit exams;
  • Professional associations may play a role in ensuring the effectiveness of the exit exam;
  • The exam will be administered at least twice a year and it may be administered online;
  • Ministry of Education will facilitate the administration of the exit exam until higher education institutions become fully autonomous and are able to administer the exam by themselves; and
  • The directive envisaged the possibility of administering the exit exam and professional competence exams in a coordinated manner.

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