Admas Digital Lottery prize increases to three million birr

Admas Digital Lottery prize increases to three million birr

The price of one lot, which was 3 Birr, has increased to 5 Birr, and the 1st lot will award 3,000,000 Birr.

Admas Digital Lottery, which used to award 1,500,000 Birr in the 1st lot, has increased to 3,000,000 Birr, while the 2nd lot will award 1,200,000 Birr and the 3rd lot will award 800,000 Birr.

Admas Digital Lottery is where people draw lottery tickets through their mobile phones and is awards every two weeks.

Ethiopian national lottery has been 60 years since lottery ticket selling started in Ethiopia and now it is being transforming to digital.

The National Lottery Administration has announced that the online lottery draw will be started soon, and it is stated that a convenient website for this service is being developed.

10,000 lottery vendors who sell manual lottery tickets across the country are at risk of losing their jobs.

In addition to Admas Digital Lottery, the institution currently has seven types of lotteries that award up to 20 million birr.


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