UAE awards scholarships to 273 Ethiopians

UAE awards full scholarships to 273 Ethiopians

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the government of the United Arab Emirates has given full scholarships to 273 students who achieved excellent results in the 12th class exit exam.

The Prime Minister said this today while recognizing 273 students who took the 12th grade national exam and scored more than half of the results.

After saying “Congratulations” to the students, the Prime Minister said, “We are happy that 273 students have come to help Ethiopia” because they were able to do the exam properly.

He also called on the students to pursue their studies in the most modern universities and reach Ethiopia and Africa.

The Prime Minister urged the students to study hard and benefit their country.

He stressed that every student to seek wisdom and work to change the country. He said, “A student who stands for the truth will change the country tomorrow. Students who have achieved excellent results should also seek the truth and that is how you will build the country.”


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