Ethiopian Mother kills her son to hide a secret from husband

A child who found out about the love affair of his mother with neighbor was killed

The southern Ethiopia police commission announced that, a 32-year-old suspect who was said to have poison to her son in a district around Sodo city in Wolayta Zone has been arrested.

The rumor that this woman, who is a resident of Tommy Gerra district in wolayita Sodo, has started a secret relationship with her neighbor, is heard by her 16-year-old teenage son.

The son realized that his mother was having a secret love affair with their neighbor.

However, this mother, who was worried that her son will tell it to her husband about her secret love affair.

Finally she decided to hide her secret forever and killed her son by poisoning, according to the police.

According to South Police investigation, this mother told police that, she killed her son to prevent him from telling her husband about the affair she started secretly.


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