Ethiopia ranks as the least happiest countries in the world

Ethiopia ranks one of the least happiest countries in the world

According to a survey by Gallup for six consecutive years, Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world.

The World Happiness Report, stated based the assessment of the quality of life on the basis of the votes collected.

The Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway were listed as happiest countries in the report’s findings.

Among the benchmarks are healthy life expectancy, per capita GDP growth, social support, corruption rates, generosity in society and freedom to make life decisions.

Not everyone can go to Finland, the report said, and other societies should learn from these standards.

In the list, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Israel and the Netherlands ranked 1st to 5th, while Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and New Zealand ranked 10th.

America and Germany are ranked 15th and 16th and England is ranked 19th.

15 of the 20 countries in the world that far from happiness are from Africa.

According to the happiness report, of the 20 countries in the world where happiness is far away, Afghanistan is ranked 1st, while Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Congo are ranked 5th.

The African countries of Botswana, Malawi, Comoros, Tanzania and Zambia have reached the 10th position.

Ethiopia is ranked 14th in the world’s happiest countries, while Egypt is ranked 17th in the same list.


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