Ethio Telecom anounces Tele birr SuperApp service

Ethio Telecom has upgraded the “Tele Birr” application, to tele birr superapp which is previously provided various services.

This customer service, announced today, will enable the provision of three more services than were previously available.

The new services include scheduled payments, sending money to groups and playing games of chance.

The institution announced that the scheduled payment service allows customers to plan in advance to send money and airtime as well as pay monthly service fees on the same day.

The second and additional service of Tele Birr will allow sending to more than one recipient at once according to the pre-filled requirements.

The third new service is called a game of chance and it is mentioned in the program that will make the owner of attractive prizes based on the usage.

Ethio Telecom, which is fully owned by the government, recently launched an international tender to sell its 40 percent stake.

Safaricom, which joined the Ethiopian Telecom service a year ago, has become the main competitor of Ethio Telecom.

According to data from Ethio Telecom, there are 30 million internet users and 60 million citizens are mobile phone users.


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