Africa’s biggest dam reaches 90 percent completion

Africa’s biggest dam reaches 90 percent completion.

Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) construction left only 10 percent to completion.

GERD Coordination Project Office announced that the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been completed 90 percent.

The office has given a press release regarding the 12th-year cornerstone of Renaissance Dam construction.

The dam will be completed and fully operational next year and will generate 5200 MW of power.

GERD, the biggest dam in Africa, which is being built for 5 billion dollars, is being covered by the Ethiopians and the government.

The dam’s two turbines are currently generating 700 megawatts of power, and the dam’s fourth round of water filling will take place in the coming summer months.

Egypt opposes Ethiopia’s unilateral action on the dam because will harm its historical water share, while Ethiopia says the purpose of the dam is only to generate electricity.

In Ethiopia, 65 million people are without electricity and the Renaissance Dam will boost energy access by more than double the power supply.

The Great Renaissance Dam has held a total of 18 billion cubic meters of water in the previous three summer months, and it is expected to hold 24 billion cubic meters of water in the coming summer months.


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