Ethiopia urges Sudan to pay $10 million for electricity bill

Sudan ,Kenya and Djibouti are buying electricity from Ethiopia. And since last December, Khartoum stops it’s payment.

According to officials from Ethiopia electric power, Sudan has not paid the electricity bill that supposed to pay to Addis Ababa and the government has been asked to intervene.

Sudan has to pay in full every month for the electricity it uses from Ethiopia and since last year it has cut its payment.

Ethiopia exports electricity to three neighboring countries. At the end of one month, the countries will pay for the consumption of electricity sent in the previous month.

Sudan should have paid in such a way, but they did not made the payment, so they are not paying and completing their payment in full way, said Moges Mekonen, Director of Public Relations of the Ethiopian Electric Power.

“One month is paid in full, the other month is not paid in full, or partially paid with other payments and they are paying in installments” he said.

The official told the reporter that the government is being made to intervene diplomatically to ensure that the payment is made.

In the last seven months, the government was able to collect 48.23 million dollars out of the 59 million dollars that the government planned to collect from the electricity sent from Ethiopia to Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya.


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