Tuberculosis kills 57 people daily in Ethiopia

By Samuel Abate

According to the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, TB is the fifth leading cause of death in Ethiopia.

More than 21,000 people die of TB every year in Ethiopia, and it has been identified as the fifth deadliest disease nationaly.

The Ministry of Health has stated that 151 infected by TB in 2021 alone in Ethiopia.

According to the founder and director of Organic Health Care, Mr. Kitaw Teklemaryam, 57 people die of TB disease in Ethiopia every day, and most of the deaths are people who do not get treatment.

Following this, more than 110,000 patients were screened for TB in 2022 fiscal year.

However, only 29 percent of the 157,000 people who are estimated to be infected with TB annually in Ethiopia are received medical treatment.

TB disease is an infectious disease and affecting productive age of population.

Ethiopia is one of the 30 countries in the world that have a high burden of TB disease.

In order to stop the spread of TB disease and eliminate TB, the service is being made accessible to selected 1000 health facilities.


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