Ethiopian political parties rejects TPLF’s de list from terrorist organization

The war in northern Ethiopia started after the Tigray People’s liberation front (TPLF) launched an attack on the Northern Command of National Defense in Tigray region.

The two-years war has killed more than 800,000 people and destroyed property worth more than 20 billion dollars.

The federal government and TPLF was signed in South Africa last November under the auspices of the African Union.

Following this agreement, the war has stopped and an interim government is being established in Tigray region.

In May 2021, the House of People’s Representatives classified the TPLF as a terrorist organization

Last week, this legislative assembly unlisted TPLF from the terrorist list.

Following this, Ethiopian Social Justice Party and Amhara National Movement parties have criticized the removal of TPLF from terrorist organization list.

The parties said that according to the peace agreement, TPLF should not have been removed from the list without disarming, leaving the occupied areas by force and ensuring legal accountability.

The parties said that the removal of the TPLF from terrorist list by the council without an open discussion about the state of compensation for the war-affected citizens and without ensuring the rule of law is a historic violation of the law.


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