A storm kills Eight people in southern Ethiopia

Eight people dies by a storm in southern Ethiopia’s lake

8 people who were traveling in a boat on Chamo lake in the southern region drowned due to a storm.

According to “Ethiopia Insider” referring to Amaro special district communication, the accident happened yesterday afternoon.

The motorboat was carrying the residents of Alfacho Kebele of Amaro special district and was traveling to Arba Minch city when it was drowned by the waves on the lake of Chamo.

Eight people died in the accident, including the boat captain.

As soon as the accident was known, efforts were made to save the lives of the victims, but they failed due to the high tide at Chamo Lake.

After reaching the disaster, even divers and life savers from Arba Minch city tried to save their lives, but the current tide did not make it possible.

Following the subsidence of the tide on Chamo lake this morning, In the search for the remains of the deceased, the bodies of two people were found on the shore of the lake.

The district communication informed that the search for the remains of the deceased persons is still under going.

A storm has never happened on lakes in Ethiopia, and now it has happened on Lake Chamo, which surrounds the city of Arbaminch in southern Ethiopia.

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