Oromia militant kidnaps more than 100 people in Ethiopia

The families and residents of the hostages said that more than 100 people were kidnapped by the militants of Oromia Liberation in Dera District of the North Showa Zone of Oromia Region.

Such type of kidnapping has been a long time since the militants started abducting and evicting residents, in 2021.

Since last week, it has been rekindled and the residents are being kidnapped, and displaced and houses are being burned, according to the Reporter newspaper.

The residents explained that seven villages of Dera district, which were under the control of the militants, were freed in an operation two months ago, but they added that they have been attacked since last week.

According to the five residents of the district whom the newspaper talked to on the phone, the local residents are suffering from the armed group, many people are being kidnapped and displaced every day, and the militants are demanding up to 200 thousand birr to free the hostages.

The armed group is attacking the districts of Babu Dere, Manqata, Jiru, Ada Maleke, and Ru Siba.

Regarding the alleged attack, Dera District Administrator Shibeshi Ayalew stated that the militants have been attacking residents recently by kidnapping them.

On Monday, March 27, 2023, three people were kidnapped by the armed group, but due to surveillance and action, they were able to get them back when they reached a place called Jimma Ber. But if we don’t listen, nothing can be done” he added.

The district manager who explained that the militants would abduct people and put them in a forest called Abote, said that there is a need to increase security force and take action to stop the attacks, and to do this, various activities are being carried out.

Residents accused Babu Dere Kebele of not being able to prevent the attacks by militants despite the presence of the Federal Police, while Mr. Shibeshi said that action has been taken since Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The armed group attacks in West Wolega and various zones in the Oromia region.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed briefed the House of Representatives yesterday, March 28, 2023. In response to the question raised by the members of the House of Representatives regarding these militants, he said, “The government has tried to negotiate with the army leaders more than ten times in the past. “We have a strong desire to resolve the conflict with the militants peacefully,” he responded

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