Government prohibits former national defense army general from foreign travel

Government prohibits former national defense army general from foreign travel

Brigadier General Tefera Mamo served in various military positions under the National Defense before his retirement due to political problems with the former regime.

Following TPLF’s attack on National Defense Army’s Northern Command in Tigray, back to his military service to lead the Amhara Special Forces in 2020.

Brigadier General Tefera was successful in counter-attacking with the Amhara special forces when the TPLF launched an attack to control Addis Ababa.

After the war leadership, currently living in Addis Ababa and is currently in a hospital.

The medical team referred him to travel abroad and get better treatment, he said to the media.

He added that, when tried to go abroad to get treatment for the pain in their legs, stopped by the security forces at Bole International Airport.

“Even though I tried to go to Israel and get treatment at my own expense, we’re told by higher authorities not to travel abroad by government security forces,” he said.

One of Ethiopia’s national political parties, Enat Party, urged the government to refrain from the action and allow Brigadier General Tefera Mamo to get medical treatment.

The party urged that the unlawfulness should stop disrespecting the heroes.

The party reminded us that human rights are non-negotiable natural rights stipulated by international laws and included in the Ethiopian constitution.

However, the party said that the violation of human rights in Ethiopia has been getting worse and worse for many years, and now the problem has worsened and it has become a country that brutally whips its citizens to the point of denying treatment to citizens suffering from illness.

Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, accepted the government’s call and served in his profession when the country was in danger of existence following the war that broke out in the northern part of Ethiopia.


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