Ethiopia scale up in global kidnapping index

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which conducted a study on the protection of hostages’ human rights.

The organization announced that, Ethiopia is one of the leading countries in hostages are held by armed forces other than government security forces.

The committee looked into the situation of tens of thousands of hostages held by 80 armed groups.

The study has made recommendations to the armed groups regarding the treatment of hostages.

Congo, Syria, Colombia and Ethiopia are the main countries with many hostages.

In Ethiopia, the Tigray region is being controlled by armed forces and here are similar restrictions in different parts of Ethiopia. In particular, oromia liberation army commonly known as ‘shene’ ,who operates in Oromia region.

This armed militantshas been declared as a terrorist organization by the House of Representatives, has been linked to several hostage news stories.

However, the committee has not disclosed the militants who are abducting people in Ethiopia.

The Committee calls for the respect of international agreements regarding the humane treatment of militants, licensing, regulation and discipline.

The committee, which called on the militants who failed to respect the rights of the hostages to release their captors, declared that protecting the life and dignity of the hostages should be the main issue in any way.

In Ethiopia, there are efforts to make money by kidnapping individuals beyond fighting.


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