Russian car manufacturing companies to Invest in Ethiopia

Russian car manufacturing companies are visiting Ethiopia and expressed their interest in investing in Diredawa.

Representatives from Russia’s Lada and Gaz Group car manufacturing companies discussed with Mr. Shiferaw Solomon, Deputy of Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

The delegates were briefed on the favorable investment situation in the industrial parks, incentives for the sector, and the Dredawa Free Trade Zone.

In addition to Dredawa, the executives of the car manufacturing company also toured Bole Lemi and Kilinto Industrial Parks and observed the work and production process.

The companies are known for providing different models of vehicles used in the European, South American and African markets for health facilities, security agencies, cargo services and transport sectors.

The representatives stated that they are interested in offering various model products in the Ethiopian market by investing in the Dredawa Free Trade Zone.

Russia is already known in the Ethiopian car industry, especially the Lada car model is common in Ethiopian cities.


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