Ethiopia’s biggest bank signs an agreement with Chinese Textile Company

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has signed a contract with a Chinese textile company to provide uniforms for its employees.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has announced that it has signed a contract with China’s Jiangsu Sunshine Group to provide uniforms for its employees.

Commercial Bank President Mr. Abe Sano discussed and signed an agreement with representatives of Jiangsu Sunshine Group about providing quality uniforms to employees.

Mr. Abe explained that the bank allocated a large amount of money for the supply of uniforms and covered the cost for most of the employees, while middle and high-ranking bank employees and executives will share some of the cost.

The general manager of Jiangsu Sunshine Group in Ethiopia, Mr. Gawi Chanhuha, said that the Ethiopian Commercial Bank’s staff clothing facility is the largest of the supplies provided by the Ethiopian branch.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is the largest bank in Ethiopia and provides services in all parts of the country.

The president of the bank Mr. Abe said that, the bank’s total deposits have reached more than one trillion birr or more than 18.5 billion US dollar.


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