Sheraton Hotel to build a five-star hotel in Jimma city

Sheraton Hotel, which is one of Ethiopia and Saudi Arabian billionaire Mohammed Allamudi and Midrock Investment Group, has laid the foundation stone to build a five-star international hotel at the level of Four Points by Sheraton in oromia, Jimma City.

The foundation stone of the building was laid by the president of Oromia region Mr. Shimelis Abdisa and the CEO of Midrock Investment Group Mr. Jamal Ahmed.

The Four Points by Sheraton modern hotel, which was previously planned to be built by Midrock Investment Group in Jimma City’s Nock Maddaya area, has been moved to the entrance of the city.

Jamal Ahmed, CEO of Midrok Investment Company said that, a modern shopping center will be built on the site where the hotel was to be built before.

The head of government of Oromia region, Mr. Shimelis Abdisa, on his part, mentioned that Midrock Investment Group is one of the leading private institutions with extensive investment in Oromia region and asked the organization to continue its investment in the region.

The modern hotel to be built by Midrock Investment Group in Jimma City will built on an area of   50,000 square meters and will have 120 beds, a swimming pool, a ground tennis court and luxury accommodations.


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