Ethiopia arrests 90 foreign illegal miners

gold miners Ethiopia

According to federal government press release, citizens of different countries are engaged due to illegal mining in Ethiopia.

The Government Communication Service has stated that, 45 foreign nationals have been arrested in Gambella region for illegal mining including gold.

In a press statement given by the state minister of Communication Services, Selamawit Kassa, that 3 Ethiopians collaborators were also arrested in the region.

Similarly, in Benshangul Gumuz region, 47 foreigners were arrested for illegal mining, including gold, while 9 private associations and 7 Ethiopians were also arrested.

In a recent operation, a total of 92 foreigners and other Ethiopians have been caught illegall miners by forming links with foreign bodies.

These foreign illegal nationals who are under the control of the security forces do not have residence or work permits.

But the government didn’t disclose the nationalities of the suspectant foreigners.  

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently said in the House of Representatives that Ethiopia’s economy has been disrupted by illegal minerals trade.

He mentioned to the members of the council that, the government will deploy more security forces to control these illegal miners.


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