Kenya named as Ethiopia’s Highest electricity buyer

Kenya becomes the first country in purchasing high amount of electricity from Ethiopia in a single month.

The amount of energy that Kenya purchased in January is highest in Ethiopia’s power deal history.

Kenya bought more electricity because of the severe drought that, and the power generation dams have dried up.

According to data from the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, the country installed 68.48 million kilowatts of electricity last January.

After the two countries agreed to trade electricity at a discount price, when the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is completed.

Kenya has imported 39 million units of energy from Ethiopia in one month.

With this, after the country agreed to import power at a cheap price, imported 200 megawatts of electricity from Ethiopia.

Due to this power deal between the two East African countries, Kenya has enabled to stabilization the power supply.

Kenya has a 25-year power agreement with Ethiopia and the first three years, Kenya will take 200 megawatts from the Renaissance Dam.

After Africa’s biggest dam completed in 2026, dam the amount of power deal will increase to 400 MW in the remaining years.

According to the agreement, Kenya is buying Ethiopian electricity at a much lower price than other energy producers at 6.5 US cents per kilowatt.

Kenya, which has sixteen hydroelectric dams, has been significantly reduced electricity production due to drought.

Uganda exports more energy after Ethiopia to stabilize the country’s energy supply problem.

Ethiopia is exporting electricity to neighbouring countries, namely to Djibouti, Sudan and Kenya.

And also, Addis Ababa is developing a strategic plan to export more electricity to Somalia, south Sudan and other African countries.


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