Ethiopians to graduate in coffee science

37 Ethiopians are going to graduate in coffee science for the first time in history.

In For the first time in Ethiopia, students who studied in the field of coffee science are about to graduate.

Bonga University, at the end of the academic year of 2023, will graduate 37 students in the field of “Coffee Science” for the first time in Ethiopia.

The university said that, since coffee production is Ethiopia’s biggest foreign currency earner, by the end of 2023, 37 students will graduate in the field of coffee science.

Even though, Ethiopia is a country that has contributed coffee to the world, it has been difficult to produce qualified experts in the field of coffee education, the institute said.

The university senate department of coffee science opened independently in 2020.

In order to support coffee through education and research and to benefit from the sector by investigating the problems in coffee production, the university is establishing a first and second degree coffee science and technology department.

The University prezident Dr. Petros pointed out that, next year students will graduate with a master’s degree in coffee science.

And also “the university will start teaching the field of coffee science at the doctorate level in the future.”

He stated that, the university is producing agricultural products on 150 hectares of the 200 hectares of land.


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