A girl died while chasing with cat in Ethiopia

An Ethiopian woman died when she tries to chase meat from cat

an 18-year-old woman who tried to bring down a cat that had climbed onto the roof with meat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on April 16,2023.

When she tried to chase back meat from cat, she died due to an electrical accident.

The young woman was electrocuted when she tried to throw away the meat that was taken from her by a cat.

In general, three people died on the day of the holiday and on the eve of the Easter festival, and two deaths were reported in traffic accidents on the eve.

Addis Ababa police public relation deputy head, Commander Markos Tadese, said that although there were no serious security problems related to the festival, one person killed by unknown case.

Addis Ababa Police Commission Public Relations Officer Commander Markos Tadese told Ethio FM that one person lost his life due to a dispute in Balderas area of ​​Yeka sub-district 7.

Police arrested 8 suspectant in relation to this murder and additional investigations are being carried out.

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