Five Ethiopians killed in Sudan

The war between Sudan Defense Forces and the Rapid support Forces in Khartoum and surroundings has put Ethiopians in trouble.

According to the Ethiopians who are there, Ethiopian citizens life are in trouble.

Ethiopians are sheltering in private houses and have heard that, there are dead and wounded in the shooting.

Today marks the third day of official fighting between the Sedun Army led by General Abdulfattah Al Burhan and the forces of General Mehamed Hamdan Dagalo.

More than 100 civilians have been killed and more than 600 citizens have been injured in the ongoing war.

US, European Union, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many countries are urging the warring parties to stop fighting.

The Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum urged citizens not to leave their homes and stay away from conflict.

The Sudanese security forces, which are fighting in two divisions, are claiming victory over the other.

Fighting continued to take control of airports, military posts and the palace, and the Waring parties refused to accept a cease-fire.


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