Ethiopia applauses European Union’s statement

Addis Ababa, April 26/2023, Ethio Negari:- Ministry of foreign affairs announced that, Ethiopia is working hard to renew its cooperation with the European Union in a new form.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a response to the statement issued by the Council of the European Union regarding Ethiopia.

The Minister stated that the Council recognized other issues, including the results achieved in the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

MoFA pointed out that, Ethiopia is working hard to renew its cooperation with the European Union in a new form and the statement of the council will further strengthen this cooperation.

The ministry declared that, the readiness of the union to restart the annual multi-sectoral support program focused on sustainable agriculture and food security, the call for the immediate conclusion of the negotiation process of Ethiopia’s debt transfer under the common framework established by the creditor countries, and the strong encouragement given by international financial institutions to support Ethiopia’s economic stabilization and reform agenda are commendable.

MoFA added that, now is the time to put Ethiopia’s relations with the European Union and its other friends on a strong foundation.

Ethiopia’s relations with Western countries are improving after Ethiopia signed a peace agreement with TPLF in South Africa brokered by the African Union last November to end the two-year-long war.

Economic and aid support, which were suspended due to the war, are being released, and various countries and institutions are providing financial support for the reconstruction of war-affected areas and the return of displaced citizens to their homes.


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