Tulu Kapi and PW Gold Mining agrees to invest in Ethiopia

Tulu Kapi Gold mining

Addis Ababa, April 27,2023, Ethio Negari:- UK’s Tulu Kapi Gold Mining, a part of Kefi Minerals Company, has signed an agreement with England’s ‘PW Mining’ to work together on gold mine development and other investment options.

The agreement was signed at the Skylight Hotel in Addis Ababa on the side line event of  “Invest Ethiopia 2023” is a forum for international business institutions and investors.

Investors, business actors, policy makers and entrepreneurs from around the world are participating in the forum.

MoU agreements, panel discussions, field visits to selected companies and exhibitions are taking place at the forum.

The forum is organized by the Ethiopian Investment Commission, focused on to attract global investors on agriculture, manufacturing, ICT, mining and tourism potentials.

The Forum was attended by the Ethiopian Investment Commissioner Lelise Neme, international investors, diplomats, development partners and other invited guests.

The signing agreement that took place today is also a part of this investment forum and the agreement was made between Tulu Kapi Gold Mining Country Director Abera Mamo, kefi Minerals Company Chairman Heri Anagonostraras Adams, PW Mining Finance Director Siran Quinn as well as British and Australian representatives in Ethiopia.

The agreement was designed to modernize and financially support the gold mine development project held by Tulu Kapi and $400 million have been allocated for the implementation of the project.

When the project is implemented, it will modernize the mining development work and will create job opportunities for up to 10 thousand citizens.

“Invest Ethiopia 2023” Forum which ends tomorrow, April 28,2023 and being held under the theme of “Investing in Ethiopia, a land of attractive investment opportunities”.

The forum will create a convenient opportunity to promote the investment options available in Ethiopia to the world. 

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