Addis Ababa’s administration district executive shot dead at his office

The chief executive officer of Kirkos sub-city district 08 in Addis Ababa, Mr. Alebachew Amogne, was killed in his office.

According to the press release distributed by Kirkos sub city communication office, “Mr. Alebachew Amogne was shot dead by a client while sitting in his office and providing public service.

Although the sub-city did not provide more information about the murder and police detained the suspect.

In the statement issued by the sub-city, “Mr. Alebachew was a great leader and known for his commitment to work”. And also the statement added that “he was our leader who did exemplary work and coordinated many governmental and public activities.”

Even though the leaders were taken to the medical center due to the attack, his lives could not be saved.It is not yet known why the suspect, who is in police custody, was able to shoot at the leader.


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