Addis Ababa’s district leader shot dead by a police officer

The chief executive of Kirkos sub-city district 08 in Addis Ababa city, Mr. Alebachew Amonge,   was killed by Addis Ababa police at his office.

According to the statement issued by the Addis Ababa Police Commission, the person who committed the murder is a member of the Community Police Service Ward of the Police Station.

The commission stated that the police member went to the district office to follow up on the application that the police member made to the District 8 administrative office in Kirkos Sub-city to handle his personal case.

The district executive was told that he would look into the matter and respond, but the commission mentioned in the statement that he killed the district executive who was working in his office.

The police officer killed him because of his personal request.

The police officer who committed the crime has been arrested and the investigation is undergoing, the Addis Ababa police announced.


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