Cholera spreads to four regions in Ethiopia

Ministry of Health has stated that, cholera epidemic has spreads in four regions of Ethiopia.

In various zones and districts of the southern region, 18 people have died among 920 people affected by the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health has started giving vaccinations in areas where the epidemic has spread.

In Ethiopia, the Ministry of Health, which announced that, cholera epidemic has spread in four regions.

The ministry has planned to give vaccination to1.5 million citizens to prevent the epidemic.

This epidemic, which has spread in four regions of Ethiopia and causing damage, has spread in five zones and three special districts of the southern region where it has occurred in a new form.

Dr. Derje Duguma, State minister of Health, confirmed that the epidemic occurred in four regions nationwide.

Among the regions where the epidemic has spread are Oromia, South, Somali and Southwest regions.

And also it has been stated that, there are signs of the outbreak in Amhara and Afar regions.


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