Ethiopia to build space center on Guna mountain

Debretabor University launched a rocket named by Emperor Tewdros for the second time.

The university has announced plans, to build a space research center on Guna mountain in the vicinity of the city.

On the occasion of the 154th anniversary of the martyrdom of Emperor Tewodros, Debretabor University’s technology education department launched a rocket that fly more than 2 km with material in their area for the first time a year ago.

The university said that they were able to launch it in a better way this year.

Assistant professor of Debretabor University, Addisu Worku said that, the main purpose of the rockets and cannons made in 2022 was to replicate Emperor Tewodros’ Mekdela cannon and to be able to make successful rockets and cannons in Ethiopia.

The assistant professor said that, the rocket that was launched in April 2022 at the Rocket Science Center in an area called Amora Gedel, because we don’t have a machine to control where it should land, it landed where it wanted.

He added that, the rocket that was launched in May 2023 was landed in the desired location after facing the machine.

The process of launching a rocket surprised many people and that rockets capable of launching more than five kilometers are being created at the science center.

He added that, the rocket that was launched in May 2015 had a height of about 43 feet.

The professor said that, the university has a historical responsibility to answer Emperor Tewdros’s quest for knowledge.

He also mentioned that, by 2028, the university has a plan to launch a satellite and also the university is being considered to build a space research center on Guna mountain.


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